Trump Tweet Game

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I'd been teaching students how to make games in MIT's Scratch, and I had heard about Processing and building 2d interactive graphics with P5.js and P5 Play, so I built a little pseudo-game to demonstrate some game mechanics. It also incorporates the streaming Twitter API. The player has to avoid getting hit by incoming tweeters while the text of their tweets to @RealDonaldTrump are displayed at the top of the screen.

p5.js  express 

Veracross API module

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NPM Module to connect quickly and easily to the Veracross SIS (Student Information Service) API, v2. This contains a number of built in methods that make authentication and getting endpoints simple.

NPM  node  express  API 

Math Course Flowchart

Demo  |  Git Repo

An interactive flowchart for students to see and understand which courses they can take and when they can take them.

javascript  html  css 

Certification Tracker

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A certification Tracker that allows the manager to add when an employee gets the certification, search for employees, see when that certification was last updated and how long until it expires.

node  angular  js  firebase  express