A community directory app for Georgetown Day School built with Ionic’s framework for cross-platform mobile apps using javascript, typescript, and Angular. Integrates into the school’s SIS and is available for iOS and Android on the respective app marketplaces.

Hybrid App  Ionic  iOS  Android  Angular  NodeJS  Typescript  AWS Lambda  REST API  SQLite 

Course Catalog Prototype


A prototype course catalog concept. This project from 2015 was one of my first experiments with the MEAN stack. There is much that could be improved, but I learned a lot about database and application interaction, munging and cleaning data, as well as front-end routing in this project.

MongoDB  Express  Angular  NodeJS  Single Page App  JQuery

Demo is a personal website and project portfolio built on Node.JS layered with Express.JS and EJS templating, talking to a Firebase DB. I regularly work on building new features in the back end, and enjoy it as a place to experiment with and showcase new things I'm learning about web development.

Personal Website  Portfolio  Node.JS  Express.JS  Firebase 


Git Repo

A simple automated clicker chrome extension for adding and removing 'community group' members on Blackbaud's core module manager pages for community groups.

chrome  extension  javascript  api  clicker  scraper 

Stranger Things Sweater

Git Repo

I found an overpriced (but lets not kid ourselves, cheaply made) ugly Christmas Stranger Things sweater online that needed some holiday sprucing up. Using Adafruit's Flora microcontroller, their sewable neopixels, and some time, I put together my first wearables project -- a functional and programmable light display similar to the Christmas lights Will's mom used in the show to receive messages from Will when he was in the Upside Down.

Adafruit  Arduino  Neopixels  Flora 

CPR Certification Tracker

Demo  |  Git Repo

A certification Tracker that allows the manager to add when an employee gets the certification, search for employees, see when that certification was last updated and how long until it expires.

NodeJS  AngularJS  JavaScript  Firebase  ExpressJS  Bootstrap 

Math Course Flowchart

Demo  |  Git Repo

An interactive flowchart for students to see and understand which courses they can take and when they can take them.

JavaScript  HTML  CSS 

Veracross API module

Demo  |  Git Repo

NPM Module to connect quickly and easily to the Veracross SIS (Student Information Service) API, v2. This contains a number of built in methods that make authentication and getting endpoints simple.

NPM  NodeJS  ExpressJS  API  Module